Self Defense


Have you ever wanted to learn how to defend yourself or loved ones, but found the idea of joining
a martial arts class wasn't for you?  It's not unusual.  It can be very intimidating to walk into a 
traditional martial arts class.  After all, they're wearing crazy looking clothes, people are wearing
different color belts, they're speaking in another language.  What's up with all that? 

Well if that sounds familiar, then our Self Defense class is for you!  Simply come in wearing
comfortable gym clothes and learn some great techniques that you can master quickly and help you defend yourself if you find yourself in a physical confrontation. There are no ranks or promotions to worry about.  And we're not training you to pin someone or make them tap out.  The focus of the class is to extract yourself from a bad situation and get to safety.

Most of the techniques are hand-picked from our karate and jujitsu programs for their effectiveness and simplicity. We'll also discuss a mindset and behaviors that can help prevent you from being a victim.  Most criminals are looking for an easy target.  We'll show you ways to look like you're not an easy target.

If you want to give it a try, check out our amazing web special:  3 classes for just $19.99 plus either a FREE t-shirt OR a FREE sport bottle.  Click the button below to register.